Fresh green


„Fresh green” oil on icon panel 20/27,5 inch, 50/70cm, 2015

This is the third, from three paintings about „be/have”. I started from the blue and developed it to the color of the sea to finish with fresh green.

Previous paintings were about the inability to get something, and about losing something. I like a happy ending so this last work is very happy. „Fresh green” achieved her goals.

This painting is about finally having something, for which we were fighting so long, that we forgot, we are in a middle something. For example, when we want to lose weight we start running every day, after some time it start to be our usual start of the day. We get used to it, it start to be our habbit. Then, one day, our dream imperceptibly come true. We realize that we have our ideal shape and weight. We have our goal, and it is a surprise for us, that we forgot that we wanted it. We forgot to think that it is impossible, we were only doing our small steps to it. The goals of long-distance (or „impossible” goals) sometimes result in such surprises.

So find your „impossible” or long-distance goal and start to do anything in that direction. You never know…