(…) and smile.


„(…) and smile.” oil on icon panel, 20/30cm 8/12 inch, 2015

Inspiration for this tiny painting was simple mechanism of making you feel better. I heard that when you are sad, simple way of changing it, is smiling to your reflection in mirror. Even if smile is insincere, mood improves. In this painting you, my dear viewer, decide what smile is it. It could be sweet, or a little bitter. For me it is definetely sweet, friendly smile, but I see toughness in her eyes, like if she tells „Do not make me angry, You do not wish to see what for I am capable..”

Immediat reciprocation of the smile should be the first reaction for this painting, this was my goal. It works for me at least, I was smiling a lot during work on this piece. Hope you will be too!

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