„Secret mask” oil on canvas 100/80cm 39,5/31,5 inch, 2014

Wearing masks is quite natural and common, they are indispensable in relationships with other people. Contacts with others in groups are easier when we use them. When we look on other people we use stereotypes, because it is impossible to know truth about every particular person we met. That’s why we use simplifications when we connect with others. We also create masks to show how we want people see us, and what we want they know about us. But sometimes, we lost ourselves and start pretend in front of ourselves, refusing to accept something unpleasant. Sometimes we spent really lot of time and effort to hide something about us from ourselves, or to see in us something, which clearly isn’t there. This is also not so bad mechanism like it sounds, this is our self-defence. BUT It is healthy, when we once for some time check, what is under our secret mask.