diptych Stag-girl and Queen


„Stag-girl” oil on icon panel, 20/30cm 8/12 inch, 2015 / „Queen” oil on icon panel, 20/30cm 8/12 inch, 2015

I have recently painted the picture „Steel Eyes”. It is about power, decisions and certain hardness, harshness of the character. The two smaller paintings are a development of this idea.

I have painted a more ‚friendly’ queen, softer, but equally strong. We know that she knows exactly of what you feel guilty, and she looked through all your excuses, but she likes your commitment and you, and still gives you a chance. A bit like mum.

We also have stag – girl, wild animal, a bit crazy madwoman, that could play with you, could go mad with you, but in one second she could change and will not hesitate to use her horns on you.

They both are a bit like characters from an alternative version of the mythology. The two versions of the same character, have just been created somewhere in the water world, have just come out of the sea, they directed deeply to the inland.

They are not the opposite, but rather the two versions of the same goddess, stag-girl and queen.