2016 solo show at The Principle Gallery

„Secret project” started in 2015 when I started preparations for my first solo show in USA. I worked very hard to show several completely new paintings in beautiful Principle Gallery Charleston in 2016. During that preparations I had huge revolution in my life – got pregnant, gave a birth, had a newborn in home for the first time. It didn’t stopped me to make exhibition on time. When I landed in hot awesome Charleston, after milion of hours of flight (with 6m child), the hurricane decided to go to Charleston. It arrived exactly when my opening supposed to be. This didn’t stopped me too. I had my dreamed opening a week later. It was huge success.


„Secret life of Your mind” 7th October 2016

Principle Gallery Charleston, 125 Meeting Street SC29401

My opening suppose to be at 7th October, but as couple of millions of Americans know, hurricane Mathew came. It hit Charleston almost exactly at the time when show should start. The probability that I, my infant son, and my husband, will be able to stay longer USA and return to Charleston was very small, but that’s exactly what happened. It was thanks to my wonderful American family! Thanks Kasia and Eric you are amazing! So even hurricane didn’t stop us, and opening went fantastic! Below Some photos.

Wypych Grey 900px photo

„Grey” oil on canvas, 100/80cm, 39,5/31,5 inch, 2016   more:  http://annawypych.com/?p=1131




 Postponed to 14th October 2016

The show was postponed to next Friday 14th October, the same as all Charleston Art Walk. This is local event, which take place 4 time a year, and then all city become art scene. All Charleston Galleries (several dozen) have openings exactly at the same time and for couple of hours city streets are full of art lovers and collectors. Deffinately worth to see. Charleston Galleries Association works wonderfull. My exhibition „Secret life of your mind” this time without any hurricanes, opened on time. Gallery was crowded for all evening! Thank You all for coming ! It was pleasure to speak with so many of you! I heard enormus number of compliments, and it will be fuel for my work energy for a long time ! It was great to see beautifull Charleston and met so fantastic people! Michelle, Frank and Thomas  Thank you for everything !


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