Giant Girl


„Giant girl” oil on icon panel, 40/50 cm, 16/20 inch, 2015

Sometimes, during our ordinary, daily activities, just like that, we realise that actually, everything in our lives is exactly as it should be. It is not utopia, we have some worries and issues, but actually, when we look at them from a distance, they seem to be quite tiny, and in general, everything is o.k. It is feeling, as we grow, we enlarge ourselves, sometimes just a little, and we are suddenly to big to stay in a room. We do not have enough space, and have to go out for fresh air … Sometimes we enlarge very, very much … so that, we are so huge, that we can become a „home” for all family (woman who is a „home”, literaly, she is not in, she is the building), and even more, so that you feel that you can move mountains, that entire city could easy grow on your back. Sometimes you become a human giant. Then, of course, this feeling passes, and you are again normal size, and could get back to your room. I have a habit, that when I feel ‚happy’, I have a good day or mood, I try to share it with important for me people. I give them some ‚positive energy’ by hugging them or if this person is far away, I make a call and „infect” him or her, with positive energy. This painting work like that, take some positive energy from me!