Double freedom

Double freedom” Boson 4, oil on canvas 100/70 cm 39,5”x27,5” 2017

BEST of SHOW & PIONEER in REALISM awarded to artist Anna Wypych at the 2020 International Guild of Realism exhibition at Principle Gallery Charleston.

How it is to be free/to feel freedom when you love? when you are in a long time relationship?
What does your freedom look like, when you are a wife/husband for a 10 years? For 20? 50!?
How it is to be free, when someones happiness depends from you? And when your happiness depends from someone?

I was thinking about this for long, and the result of this thoughts is this painting and some short poems. You will find them below, I highlighted them differently than usual, because they should be watched separately, with breaks between. You can also find some of my inspirations below.



Pin-up girls You know about what I am talking, colorful graphics from 40ties and 50ties, where naive girls are showed in very cute, and nice to watch way, but the same very erotical and stereotypical. My girl have something from pinup girl – but mine is my real one, she has an age, a woman showed without naivety and sexuality. To keep in your side, girl like she, you have to try hard – and work on it all the time.

Pamela Wilson I love climate of her works, and this time I am inspired by light in her paintings. Kisses :*

David Eichenberg  He said in one of his interviews, that He like to paint people who wears theirs insides in outside. This time I did something like that. My girl is showed in symbolic situation which could be colorful ilustration of her mind.

Eric Wert  I admire the richness of his still-life paintings – inspirations can be seen in background richness. Btw I lately noticed that he made calendar for 2018 illustrated by his beautiful paintings. I will buy it definitely. :)))

Dino Valls and Jan Brike – I say it simply – body interventions. They both do this in awesome way.