Leaving toxic habits.


„Leaving toxic habits.” oil on canvas, 100/80cm 39,5/31,5 inch, 2015

Sometimes we do things, that are putting us in a bad humour. I am not saying about „Big issues” like hated job, or unhappy relationship, but about little habits. Which we even do not know, where they are coming from, but when we look at them closely, they only make us nervous. For example: watching the news during breakfast, or starting our day by checking e-mails from work, or too much social media. These are our toxic activities, they like to hide among real everyday problems. When we live in hurry, in pressure for too long, we could lost control, and miss moment when something change from normal habit to destructive one. Sometimes we need to stop for a moment and breathe slower, calmer, listen to our inside voice. I think that a simple change can significantly improve the quality of life and level of satisfaction.