Just a Sister’s thing.


„Just a Sister’s thing.” diptych 2 x 30/40cm, 2x 12/16 inch oil on icon panel, 2015

One little bit annoyed, other one a little bit scared, both beautiful and strong.

Sisterhood as brotherhood, is something deeper and truer, than what we see in the TV series and movies. It’s something much more complicated. My painting is about unique bond that is created between the women close to each other. Blood realtion is not the most important here. Sweet „liking” and „best friend” is not enough. True bond is much more complicated. Only the sisters will know about what I am talking about. Some things we just know and we do not need to talk about them, other cases should be carefully talked over, usually during casual unimportant conversations, about unimportant things. For example, you have conversation with your sister about colours of nails and suddenly afterward, you feel better with your worries and know what to do. I do not know how it works, but it does. Sister is always a sister. This is nice to know that , somwhere there is a girl just like me, but completely different. My sister.


Inspirations: As usual, something caught my attention and after a few months, new paintings come into existence. This time, it happened after I saw painting: „Gabriele D’Estrées and her sister the Duchess de Villars in the bath” School of Fontainebleau. It hypnotized me. Between the heroine Gabrielle d’Estrées and Duchess of Villars is something mysterious, very intimate bound, only they understand it. Then I thought about our „polish Mona Lisa” : „Lady with an Ermine” Leonardo da Vinci ( see it in Krakov, when You got a chance) and painting „Girl with a Pearl Earring” Jan Vermeer, reproduction of which my little sister painted, a long time ago, as a present for me. What if, Lady with an Ermine knew a Girl with a pearl? These three images merged in my head and evolved. I was looking for connections, difficult to name and define relationships between women…  My „Sisters” combines same light, even though they are on separate images. Separate but together.


„Just a Sister’s thing. 1” 30/40cm, 12/16 inch oil on icon panel


„Just a Sister’s thing. 2” 30/40cm, 12/16 inch oil on icon panel