The Flower of fern

„The Flower of fern” Boson 1 – oil on canvas 100/70cm, 35,5”x27,5” 2017

the first work of the cycle „Bozon” more:

The Flower of fern
She went to wander.
Free – embarrassed by nothing.
„What you were doing?” – asked someone worried.
„I was running in the sequin pants on the meadows and forests in rain – not your business.”
She is not like those „perfect” girls – perfectly matched.
She does not need to be pleasant and clean.
She likes to kick some asses for a breakfast.
She decides.

wet – soft – elastic – strong

The Flower of fern. In the Slavic beliefs, mythical, legendary flower, which blooms once a year during the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year (approximately 21-22 June). The finder will get wealth and prosperity. Looking for it was the main part of the celebration of Slavic Midsummer.

Sobotkos night was also the night of finding your beloved. In old ages, pairing marriage belonged to the head of the family, the clan elders or rented by him professional matchmakers. But for girls who were not yet anyone girlfriends and wanted to avoid the usual forms of selecting partners, Kupala night was a great opportunity to gain beloved. Young women plaited the wreaths of flowers and the magical herbs were put in a flaming torch and a collective ceremony with singing and dancing, entrusting the wreaths waves of rivers and streams. A little below waited boys who – whether in a secret agreement with the girls, or simply counting on luck – tried to catch wreaths. Anyone who did it, returned to the celebrating the cluster to identify the owner of the wreath. In this way, the young could be associated in pairs, without exposing themselves to malicious comments or ridicule. That night was alloved common remoteness from communities and lonely walk through the forest. On the occasion of that walk young girls and young boys were looking at wetlands fern flower – a good fortune symbol. At the dawn they returned to the still burning fires.

The most pleasure is realizing the most impossible goals.
How would your life look like, if you can do anything?
And now realise one thing – you COULD do anything.
Freedom – you have to have it in head at first.

On some goals I just do not want spend my energy, but in other ‚impossibilities’ – yes. Sometime you need lot of time (even years), sometime you need help of friendly soul, sometime you just need to start anything in this direction, sometime you just need to let you….