History of the flesh

„History of the flesh” oil on canvas, 60/90cm ,23,5/35,5 in, 2016

I very rarely do changes in my already begun project. This time I had to. It was supposed to be the painting about a body which I wanted to wrap with a cocoon of painstakingly woven laces. When I started to paint I realized something and decided to resign from all additives, taking a really close look at the skin. The fleshy, sometimes burning, sometimes greenish, with here and there translucent veins, clear moles, stretch marks, cellulite, scars body, with all such finest details – your history – is fascinating. It is easy and mundane to just say that the body is great and wonderful being not ideal, but it is much more difficult to think and feel so, truly. Try to see your body more kindly. It is amazing what it can make and what it does with the every breath you take. See how the millions of things work very hard, constantly giving everything you need. The body is not your slave, who has to look, act and be, like you expect them. It is your best friend, who sometimes can make incredible things, but at the same time needs a rest, care and understanding. Thank your body for what it does to you, because it exists and is so incredibly great and irreplaceable in keeping you alive.