Close / lips

„Close / lips „ oil on canvas, 27,5 / 27,5 in, 70/70cm, 2016


Imagine the word „close” whispered right in your ear … This word has something magical in itself (in Polish language ‚blisko’). You can be close with someone in different ways, physically, mentally and spiritually. But what if you can be close to yourself? See yourself truly and with completely no distance.

There are breakthrough-moments in life, when, without your will, you collide with yourself with the high speed. Then, you are so close, it is almost impossible to focus on something particular. A skin burns, like the surface of the sun. On what would you focus? I am dangerously close to the top of my nose, but finally I choose mouth – a symbol of femininity, passions but also speech and wisdom. The mouth is a gateway of the soul but also of the body and the mind. When life crosses all of them, do not be so dramatic, but think of it as an opportunity to create a new you. This is like random teleportation, taking two atoms, and submitting them elsewhere. Instead of forcing to keep the previous shape, try, where you have such an opportunity, to exploit the new situation and make some improvement during putting the atoms together again.